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The Best thing that you could imagine is JOURNEY.


Quick Glance to my JOURNEY.

I made this website as I would like to inspire everyone who can read this and this is something that I could tell who I am and I would like to share my experience from the day I was born until today.

I  hope you will enjoy and will have fun in navigating the Website, feel free to sign up as a Guest to my Website. If you want to share something, feel free to approach me and send an email to and if you need help of advise, just let me know and I would be more happy to serve you.

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Just about me...

Hi Everyone!

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I am Jovar V. Tabat, was born on April 2, 1991 originally born from Puerto Princesa City Palawan but was officially registered at Binuangan Sindangan Zamboanga del Norte. My family called me "Jojo, Jo or Var" and my friends will call me "Jov".  I finished my Elementary Education at San Jose Roxas Palawan on March 2004, sent to Secondary school at San Jose (Roxas) National High School, and took the Tertiary education at Premiere Computer Learning Center (PCLC) ) with the course of Diploma in Computer Science.

Many years had past in my life but I can still recall all the memories I have made during my Elementary, Secondary and Tertiary years. I am the person who really loves writing, singing and dancing. I am the person whose active in Community service, School activities and Religious Activities.

Going back to my Childhood experiences.

I once become  a leader nor a member of School Organization and never taken off from the list of Honor Students. I am not really that smart person but I believed I just had an effort during these times of my childhood. An active one they called. I never expect of what will be the ending of my studies during Elementary days but all I did was just, do what I need to do and pass everything that need to be passed. Sometimes, I got failed not just once but few times not because it was all my fault but it was something that people around me did. With these, I have a learned a lot. When I was in Grade School my mother has a little home business which I was her helper by then, she will cook and I will sell it to our neighborhood. Unlike some kids, they are shame of selling snack food like a rice cake (puto). I never get ashamed when I am doing this, sometimes, it will just set in my mind that I might be a Businessman someday but that will still need to find out soon.Imagine, how could you allow someone who aged is 7 years old and already knew how to sell and make business with his family. From this point, they might also think that this person will become successful someday. (More stories up coming)

As I became a teenager.

At this point, I got started being matured, being responsible and can understand a bit of our current life situation. I came from a simple and in an average level of a family. We had a little business during these times and that was a Bakeshop. Every morning, I woke up around 4:30 AM and at exactly 5 o'clock in the morning I will leave the shop and sell the "Pandesal" to the neighborhood and around the community. It was my daily routine by then, it was tiring but I still have the determination to continue because my father might not give me allowance for my school needs. I was become more responsible in every task and not just because I am the eldest among the siblings but I just want to avoid hearing some words that might hurt my feelings. In school, I would still bring snack cooked food and bread from the bakeshop to sell it on to our School Canteen. Helping is really the best experienced though I was tired of doing these things everyday but it was all worth it. I was not taken off from the Honor's list since I started my High school studies, sometimes, there's an instances that I might get irresponsible in doing assignment and project but I really thank God for having me a courage to finish everything that I need to submit. I graduated in High School as 5th Honor in the class or 3rd Honorable Mention.

More stories to tell. Stay tune!!

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